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It is an honor to provide couples therapy and individual therapy to people throughout Colorado. Please see the descriptions below to learn more.

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Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, we talk through disconnection, communication problems, frustrations, betrayals, feeling misunderstood, abandonment, pain, and fear. We also discuss joy, love, intimacy, needs, and wanting to be seen/heard. Relationships are multifaceted and so are these conversations. Sometimes we all just need a little help in navigating through them.

When I work with couples, my goal is to help the couple to operate in a secure functioning relationship. Secure functioning relationships include those that are full of security and safety, a deep understanding of yourself and your partner, love, connection, and joy. In order to help couples foster and rebuild secure functioning relationships, I like to use different approaches that help each partner listen to and speak to one another with a loving and open heart. It might sound a bit cliche, but this is where some of the most beautiful and sustainable work happens. Through our work together, I hope that each person takes away tools and a better understanding of themselves and their partner so that each person can apply them to situations outside of therapy.


I offer both in-person and telehealth (online) sessions.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, we talk through struggles, unresolved problems, disappointments, and setbacks. We also talk about your self-worth, feelings, and sense of purpose. Through these conservations, I can help you to understand yourself better and create a life full of joy and purpose.

I understand how sometimes it can feel like part of you feels or wants something, while another part is on a completely different page. I also understand what it is like to feel overwhelmed with a particular emotion or feeling and unable to take the next step. Through our work, we can disentangle these many different parts and cultivate a more holistic and integrated understanding of yourself and your life.

I offer both in-person and telehealth (online) sessions.

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